I helped Garnier BBcream give women and men worldwide a healthier balance for their skin.

Coming out of the pandemic crisis of 2020, women and men saw vast improvements in their skin from the break of wearing heavy makeup daily. People also were gaining healthier balance in their lives.
Capitalising and improving on that good behaviour and not going back to old ways was our mission. We encouraged men and women to drop the cakeface and show their comBBack skin as they come out of lock-downs around the world and get back to integrating and socialising together.

The campaign was a huge success, TV and digital campaign that was Garnier’s most successful product re-launch in history.

Worldwide: USA, UK, Europe, Russia + Emerging Markets: South America, APMEA, Asia
Concept Development: Senior Creative (Art + Copy) &
 Digital strategy
Pre+Post Production: Global Creative Lead
Executive Creative Directors: Mikki Brunner
Film Director:
Nans Noiron (Downtown production)

New News
The pitch of social/digital for this campaign awarded our agency there after as the social+digital agency for Garnier worldwide alongside our longstanding above the line and DMI roles for the brand. 

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