Welcome to the site I use to show off my advertising creative flares.

I’m Kimberley, an average to short height, spunky plumpy brunette.
I’m an ex-pro ski racer / a snowboarder / novice skateboarder / a wanna be cool girl roller-skater / a wanderlust traveller / an artist / a designer / a dance floor lover / an advertising creative / like to think visionary / an awesome art director.

I entered the working world as a conceptual graphic designer back in 2007, putting my hand to a variety of disciplines, from product design, branding, exhibition and events, retail, digital. I've been focussing on integrated advertising since 2011; an art director with graphic design as my super power.
I’m a challenge junkie, always seeking the thrill of finding innovative solutions to problems. Today a new day, tomorrow a different story; the day after who knows; how great we get to work in an industry that keeps us alive and on our toes.

There is just a selection of work on here, to not overwhelm you with all my experience.
Desire more Kim wit, and/see more of my work; don’t hesitate to contact me.
+33 7 86 93 76 66
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