I helped put the Great back in Britain...
London riots, 2012 Olympic games; Britain needed a positive spirit campaign to increase national pride and boost tourism. We put the GREAT back in Britain with a 27 markets global through the line campaign, as well as numerous partnership campaigns. ​​​​​​​

TV, OOH, Events, editorial, Street DM, Social Paid
Global (56 markets)
Concept team: Brand Guardian, Art Director
Pre+Post Production: Brand Guardian, Lead Graphic Designer
GREAT campaign: Partnership Concept team with Mother London
British Airways: Partnership with Ogilvy London

Example OOH print execution: Over 200 different print executions were created under a variety of pillars. The branding was also given out to local domestic travel groups to produce their own variations under the brand guardianship of the Visit Britain campaign&marketing team.
Year 2 Social long form content. This is one of 15, we had spokes ranging from celebrities icons, business leaders, fashion icons and even royalty.

Following the 2012 London Olympics and British Airways 'Don't Fly' campaign, Visit Britain creatives and Ogilvy's came together to devise the Big British Invite; an intimate personal approach using spokes from a cross-section of backgrounds and careers.

Global £10m 360 campaign, including experiential events in 32 different markets and over 400 red-telephone with interactive invitation systems to real people in the UK. 

Client: No10 Downing Street, VisitBritain, SonyPictures, SkyFall
Markets: N-America, Europe, Australia, Europe, Scandinavia
Channels: TV, Print, Digital, Social, Events In-store & out-of-store integrated Marketing
Responsibility: Concept development & Art Direction


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